Monday, May 6, 2013

Hi and greeting everyone.

Well its, been a while since my last entry. I what to apologize, to you all. As I stated when I first started this blog, that I wasn't sure on what it was to talk about, and the main reason I started the blog was to have a page that people could access, and offer help to Dawn and I during the dark time in our life when I was having issue with my leg. Well everyone who responded to my plea, made my feel so humble, and grateful that I was cared and loved, Dawn and I could never expected the overwhelming support we got.
So what's been new since that time. "Hum, let me think". First off we got though the problem, my leg did heal up, and the doctor's were able to stop the infection, and keep my leg from being amputated. I got bumped down to on-call work, and Dawn got transferred to a new job site, 35 miles from home. So we ended having to drive back and forth to her job. So in a way the on-call position was a help but it brought our income down. Lets just say the last 2 years have been the roller-coaster ride of highs and lows, part of life, just like everyone else.
So, now it being May 2013, here is the latest news. We are back on the wound train, the doctors said with the radiation treatment for the cancer, that I would have problems, but I feel as though they sugar coated the issue, and did not give me the real truth on how much of a problem it could be. I mean I have done my best to avoid and injuries that could contribute to causing an open wound. But for no reason even the slights sore or cut, is enough to end in a catastrophe.
I told John I was not going to let this get to me, but I'm dog tired, almost to the point of just letting them take the leg and be done with it. With that when John recently went over to Europe, for a convention, he told people how down I was and not feeling loved, and would you know it the next set of messages I got from him was " Scott everybody over here sends their love and well wishes"!  Got to tell you without any macho bravado, I broke down. It was like when you all supported Dawn and I back in 2010. So I'm going to try and hold it together, and try my best to make entries to tell the world I'm alive and well, and taking nourishment. HUZZAH! Oh and for you all with weak constitution, I would avoid the picture, as it is a recent pic of my leg, and the reason I have been sad.

Love to you all
Dawn & Scott "Igor" Olman  

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