Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The better half of Igor

So I sit here wondering what the year end is going to bring , and I say please don't let Igor fall again .. Yes after he got his snow on the first of Dec no more the a day or two later he tumbles down and as I see this  all I can say ( evil voice ) I glad I didn't cause this . Now for the ones who don't know the story , 2 years ago I (being the loving better half) go all out and rented a suite with indoor water park to boot, For our wedding anniversary So I send him up to the room and no more then 2 minutes later IGOR breaks his toe and all he was doing was checking out the bed ... No I was not nude on the bed nor did I push him .. As Scott and I been going though some difficult times in these past months ,and not knowing what will happen with his leg ,and the up coming test for me (health) .I sit with coffee and I think back over the past few years of how just Scott and I meant and it brings a smile to my face and I think just maybe things will be OK....

Dawn (Igor better half ) And John even says so LOL


  1. This is what I get for saying. "Oh yea honey it's great for you to make a post or two on the blog".

  2. Hugs all around! And welcome to the Blogosphere!

  3. Just heard of Igor's story from John Kovalic. I hope my pitiful donation is going to make a little difference.
    Hang in there, all the best.

  4. Also heard about you from Kovalic, via Twitter. He was my editor @ Parkside, back in the day. Great guy to have on your side.

    Sorry the donation is not greater; unemployment, don't ya know! So it goes...
    Wishing you and your better half all things joyous. Fight the good fight!

  5. I have added what I can to the coffers. My family has also been buffeted by the storm but we are still afloat as I'm sure that you and your family will do, also.

    At the beginning of this year, we were blessed by a beautiful baby girl, but on July 2nd, my wife was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Just the other day, 5 months from the date of removal, she has been diagnosed as cancer-free, for the moment.

    In the meantime, through a screw-up at her job, her short-term disability ended prematurely and we were not notified of it for another 2 weeks. Then with all the paper wrangling, it will probably be Jan. 31st before she gets it started back up. I work, but it's nowhere near what she makes and so we've battened down the hatches and pulled in the sails and are kind of waiting it out. With the good diagnosis, she will most likely go back to work and will not require the long-term. And . . . our car's AC compressor shaft has locked up and it will cost almost $2000 to replace it. All of this on a car that's not worth $1500 and we still owe $4000.

    But you know what? We're still here and we're still plugging along. God bless you and yours and may you have a Merry Christmas!

    P.S. I'm sorry for the several sailing references. I just watched the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 trailer and I'm a little excited.

  6. Doing some signal boosting...

    Please know that you are in my thoughts & I'm sending tidal waves of well wishes your way.